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March 8, 2009

Posted by Amy in Country Living.

One of the things I love about living in the “country” is the abundance of wildlife.   It is not uncommon to see deer, ducks, turtles, squirrels, bunnies, etc.  in our yard.   Even the neighbors free range chickens come to visit at times (leave some eggs in my yard, please!).   This evening I took the baby out to play and found a family of deer wandering around.   We have our immediate yard fenced in, for the sole purpose of keeping these guys out.  They have no problem walking right up to a house in search of food.    They do not seem to be afraid of humans, and at one point the only thing separating them from my laughing/squealing/pointing toddler was 10 feet and a chain link fence.





1. palikari - March 10, 2009

Beautiful! Of course I have a lot of those too. Wonder what happened to your old posts?

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